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Somalytics opens online sales for unique sensor Test Kits

Nanotechnology innovator introduces SomaLive Demo Pucks and SomaCap Sensor Test Kits for developers, OEMs through Somalytics.com

SEATTLE, March 21, 2023 Somalytics Inc., the award-winning nanotechnology pioneer that received worldwide acclaim last month at CES 2023 for its revolutionary SomaCap carbon-nanotube paper composite (CPC) capacitive sensors, today announced it is opening sales for a variety of SomaCap Test Kit packages. In doing so, Somalytics is making it possible for developers and OEMs to explore the endless possibilities that its unique sensors offer them to improve the human experience through innovations in consumer electronics, AR/VR, the Internet of Things, health and wellness, transportation, and more. The SomaLive Demo Puck, SomaCap Sensor Test Kit Bundle and a Bundle Kit plus extra sensors are now available to order online at Somalytics.com/shop.

“Our goal is to help meet the demands of developers and OEMs in the U.S. and around the world who have requested demo kits, so they have the power to explore the possibilities of how SomaCap sensors can bring greater sensing capabilities to their products or create new products to enhance consumer experiences across the IoT,” said Barbara Barclay, CEO of Somalytics. “Our team has designed these kits, including custom coding, so they offer an easy plug-and-play option to ensure anyone with a computer can quickly evaluate the properties of our sensors.”

All Somalytics sensor test kit packages include one or more of the SomaCap Test Kits. Each kit contains two nano-infused paper capacitive SomaCap sensors that measure nominal size 11mm and 15mm, including PET plus silver wire. These sensors are for use with the included Arduino Nano (Comparable) and Breakout PCB Board (FDC1004 10VSSOP chipset to be purchased separately). Also included are a user manual and GUI software for reading, graphing and downloading capacitance.     

These Test Kit packages are available online now for purchase:

  • SomaLive Demo Puck, a plastic lollipop-shaped puck containing nano-infused paper capacitive SomaCap sensors that measure nominal size 11mm and 15mm, including PET plus silver wire. The puck also includes SomaDrive, Somalytics’ Precision Electronics, a serial USB, I2C outputs, a user manual, and GUI Software for reading, graphing and downloading capacitance. Price: $250.
  • SomaCap Test Bundle, contains two SomaLive Demo Pucks and two SomaCap Test Kits. Price: $1,000.
  • SomaCap Test Bundle plus 10 Sensors, includes two SomaLive Demo Pucks, two SomaCap Test Kits and 10 SomaCap Sensors. Price $1,100.

With the 2022 introduction of SomaCap, the world’s smallest nano-based capacitive sensor made of nano-infused paper composite, Somalytics effectively opened an entirely new category of sensor 

technology. Never has a more miniature sensor been created that is so highly sensitive to the human body. It can be used for proximity sensing, gesture control, and touch and fluid monitoring at an extremely low cost. SomaCap is groundbreaking because the sensors deliver greater sensitivity for devices in a smaller size, requiring less power to operate and at a dramatically lower cost to the manufacturer than other available sensor technologies. 

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IMAGES: For photos and videos of Somalytics, please download the press kit at www.somalytics.com/news.

About Somalytics 

Somalytics is bringing better sense to the digital world. The nanotechnology startup is commercializing a patent-pending CPC capacitive sensor, a new technology developed by University of Washington researchers in collaboration with CoMotion. Somalytics’ eye, gesture, touch and fluid monitoring sensors are miniature and highly sensitive to the human body. They are designed to improve the human experience through innovations in eye tracking, consumer electronics, AR/VR, IoT, health and wellness, and transportation. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. www.somalytics.com 

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