We focus on the co-development of consumer and industrial products that improve health, interaction, and safety using our ground-breaking technology to transform the human experience.

Eye Tracking

Wearable trackers are tethered and have a short battery life. Within virtual reality, eye tracking is limited by latencies and speed, which means the dream of foveated rendering and real “eye-to-eye” communication is just that

Capacitive Eye Tracking Glasses

The Somalytics Solution:

  • Under 80 grams
  • Not tethered
  • 8-hour battery
  • Natural appearance means natural behavior

Virtual Reality Eye Tracking

The Somalytics Solution:

  • Up to 1,000 hz keeps up with saccades
  • Latency <3ms
  • Low power consumption
  • Cost effective

Human Machine Interaction

Somalytic’s unprecedented sensitivity to human tissue enables a new generation of touchless technology. Enabling use cases only dreamed of in electronics, automotive, appliances, the bathroom, touch free elevators. Faster and better than infrared.


Somalytics Solution:

  • Detects speed and proximity accurately
  • Sensitive to the hand at up to 20cm distance
  • Latency of 1ms means it works!
  • Works with any skin tone
  • 3D gesture recognition


Wearables are increasingly popular, but tracking wellness is expensive. Somalytic’s sensor can detect multiple aspects of wellness including eye movement when the eyes are closed.

Possible Applications:


Many companies turn to expensive cameras to monitor human presence and safety. Somalytics enables sensing both underfoot and near equipment without cameras. 


Somalytics Solution:

  • Detects human presence at up to 20cm
  • Detects metal vs plastic container
  • Detects liquid fill levels
  • Detects human feet vs robotic

Partner With Us

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